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Vincentian ministries are "Creative unto infinity". The following links will provide insight into the just how inventive the followers of Vincent and Louise.

Imbued with the spirit of Vincent, Louise their followers engage in just about every form of ministry


Art and Artists

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Direct Service

  • Homeless Shelters
  • Soup Kitchens
  • Thrift Shops


  • Primary Education


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Clergy and Religious

  • Initial Formation
Jose Alberto Contreras works in formation in the Dominican Republic. He is presently studying English at St. John's University in New York.
  • Ongoing Formation


Vincentian Laity

Health Care


Internet Ministries

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Parish Ministries )Historically called "Popular Missions"

Atilanao Fajardo, CM as part of his doctoral disseration reflects on the implications of the internet for "popular missions" (Parish missions)

Truly, the Internet does not only empower the Popular Mission apostolate for the evangelization of people, but it also evangelizes the evangelizer in his attempt to preach the Good News to others through the use of these new technologies. Indeed, the capacity to make present God’s Reign in a click, is a real evidence that the Kingdom of God is not only an image in cyberspace, but is ACTUALLY a reality unfolding in cyberspace.

Indeed, Cyberspacing Popular Mission is re-inventing the charism of the Congregation of the Mission. It is announcing the good news to the poor that these new trends and methods in technology is not only for the rich but also for them.[9] Doing Popular Mission in cyberspace is announcing the conquest of cyberspace in the service of the poor marginalized sector of society.[10] Cyberspacing for the poor is indeed bridging the global Digital Divide. It is announcing in cyberspace that God’s Kingdom has come.*...

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International Missions


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  • Vincentian Family Sponsored Retreat Centers
  • Individual Family Members Engaged in Retreat Ministry
  • Retreats for People with Speciallized Needs

Social Justice

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