Vincentians in Cyberspace

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Faithful to the spirit of being "Creative Unto infinity" the followers of Vincent have begun to use the internet in fulfillment of their mission. The following have written about this new technology.

Rolando DelaGoza

Rolando DelaGoza, CM has written Evangelizing Cyberspace

Atilano Fajardo

Atilano Fajardo, CM The Kingdom of God in Cyberspace: A Theological Paradigm for the Use of Internet develops a theology of the Kingdom in Cyberspace.

See also his
"Web Missiology is the systematic study of the evangelizing activity of the Church and of the ways in which it is carried out in cyberspace. It is the scientific study of the missionary reality of the Church in which scientific discipline, missionary charism and cyberspace enrich each other"
History of the Internet
Features of the Internet
Streaming Video Presentation

John Freund

John Freund, CM has also written many articles on the Vincentian use of Cyberspace available on his personal website:

"From Parchment to Cyberspace" Review for Religious 1997
"The Genius of Vincent" Commentary on the 1998 General Assembly Document and the commitment to use new means of communication.
"Serving the Poor in the New Millennium"
"New Means of Communication". Final Document. Commitment n°5, Vincentiana