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1641 was a common year (non-leap year) which began on Tuesday.

Events of that year which are mentioned in the Vincentian Encyclopedia include:

3 February: Louise de Marillac and her companions move to Faubourg Saint-Denis, which will be the Mother House of Daughters of Charity until French Revolution

6 March: Urban VIII condemns Augustinus by Cornelius Jansen; see The Efforts of Monsieur Vincent to Combat the Errors of Jansenism

12 April: Meaux. Bishop Dominique Séguier approves establishment of Priests of the Mission in Crécy-en-Brie.

5 October: Letter of Vincent to Monsieur Portail in which Vincent authorizes the important pilgrimage of Louise to Chartres

19 October: After three years of hesitation, Archbishop of Paris Jean F. de Gond approves vows for the Congregation of the Mission; see Instruction on the vows

14 December: death of Jane de Chantal