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1641 Letter of Vincent to Monsieur Portail in which Vincent authorizes the important pilgrimage of Louise to Chartres.

1657 Vincent writes to the Vicar General of Lyon and explains why he should not allow into his diocese a congregation named Priests of Mission. He feels that this would cause harm to the Congregation of Mission that has already been established with that name.

1669 Brother Matthew Renard dies. He was responsible for moving large quantities of money to aid the regions of Lorena and Artois that had been devastated by war. He was famous for the clever ways in which he was able to move this money and confuse the soldiers and those who attempted to assault him.

1716 Fr. Bonnet issues a circular letter in which he prohibits the use of contraband and suspect business deals as ways to raise money for charitable and social works.

1910 The Visitor of the Vincentians in Lisbon, Fr. Alfredo Fragues and Bro. B. Comes are condemned to death because of their refusal to renounce their faith.

1934 The famous October Revolution begins in Oviedo. The House of Charity of the Daughters was occupied by the revolutionaries and yet in this situation the Daughters distinguished themselves through the sacrifices they made in caring for the elderly who were gather there in the house as well as their care for the civilians and wounded on both sides of this confrontation.