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1641: Meaux. Bishop Dominique Séguier approves establishment of Priests of the Mission in Crécy-en-Brie. It was founded in the name of the King by Mr. De Lorthon, chancellor and secretary of king Louis XIII. King gave Missioners the residence and boarding for eight priests and two brothers, whose role was to preach popular missions in the diocese of Meaux. Due to certain financial issues Vincent de Paul sent three priests and a brother to Crécy.

1658: Conference of Vincent de Paul in Saint Lazare about Holy Week and Easter and motives to benefit from this days.

1891: Fr. Anthony Heurteux, Apostolic Prefect and Visitor of Province of Constantinople dies in the age of 84. He was born in small village in diocese of Amiens in the modest family. Being 19, he recognized priestly vocation when he attended missions provided by confreres. He went to major seminary in Amiens and then on October 22, 1837 he entered the Congregation. His priesthood he spent in Middle East where he stayed for almost half of century being a professor in Naxie, Smyrne, Santorin and Alexandria for nine years. Next 24 years he spent as a superior in Naxie and three years in the Sacred Heart College in Santorin. In 1881 he was designated to succeed Fr. Salvarye as a Visitor and automatically the Apostolic Prefect, since Rome attached this post to Visitors of Province of Constantinople.

1942: Krakow, Poland. Fr Kowolck is arrested in the Stradom house. Fro two month he is held in concentration camp in Krakow, and then transported to KL Auschwitz, then to KL Mathausen, KL Gusen and finally to KL Dachau on December 1, 1944.

1946: Vicar General, Fr. Edward Robert, reports to the Congregation for Religiouses that the dependance of Congregation of Daughters of Charity from the Superior of Congregation of the Mission exists from the very beginning of the communities and for all 300 years of their history it never negatively affected the charity works undertaken by congregations. During the audition of August 12, 1946, pope Pio XII approves the exemption which allowed both companies to be united in on all continents.