Use of Vincentian Resources on the Internet for Ministry and Research

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This page is intended to serve as a resource for those participating in the Vincentian Integration Experience program held annually and sponsored by the Daughters of Charity of the United States.

Earlier editions of this material can be found at VIE Resources 2008 along with these pages that are no longer being maintained. CIF resources 2008 and Internet in Parish Ministry.

Internet Basics

Participants often come to VIE with a wide range of backgrounds. Some have very basic knowledge while others are a great deal more advanced. Hopefully this section of the Vincentian Encyclopedia will have something for all.

Internet basics from offers insights into fundamentals of the Internet such as how do I...

  • Find Information]
  • Download Files
  • Socialize
  • Conference - teleconference, video conference
  • Work with Music, Video and Photos
  • Do Web Publishing
  • Protect myself

Going deeper

Finding information

Communicating with others

Communicating with others

Internet and the Church

Vincentian Presence on the Internet

Guide to Vincentian Encyclopedia Resources

Vincentian Encyclopedia articles related to Vincentian Family

Vincentian Family

Systemic Change

Congregation of the Mission


Historical resources

Formation, spiritual resources



Misc ... famvin cmglobal distribution of NUNTIA in download files (*.pdf) video from St. Vincent's Seminary South India Province Vincent's forgotten insights

Daughters of Charity and the Internet