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15.--The formation of clerics in seminaries, a work of the Congregation from its beginnings, is to be effectively renewed where needed.

In addition, members should afford spiritual assistance to priests both in the work of their ongoing formation and in promoting their pastoral zeal. They should work to encourage in them the desire of fulfilling the Church's option for the poor. They should also devote themselves to motivating and suitably preparing lay people for the pastoral ministries necessary in a Christian community.

Finally, members should teach clerics and laity to work together and to support one another in the process of forming a Christian community.

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Comments from the 1998 General Assembly


At the General Assembly of 1992, in his reflection on the state of the Congregation, Fr. McCullen expressed the desire for a greater Vincentian presence in this apostolate which is so crucial for the renewal of the Church today.

I am happy to say that our presence in the formation of the diocesan clergy has increased over the last six years. Some of our new missions aim precisely at assisting the clergy. Today, the Congregation continues to sponsor a number of seminary programs where diocesan priests are formed: at Piacenza and Genoa in Italy; at All Hallows in Ireland; at Gdansk in Poland; at Popayán, Arauca, Garzón, Ibagué, Inzá, Betel, San Vicente del Caguán, Restrepo, and Vereda Minas Belalcázar in Colombia; at Chongoene in Mozambique; atAdelaide in Australia; at Curitiba in Brazil; at Malang in Indonesia and at Honiara in the Solomon Islands. Confreres in various countries also participate in seminary programs that are run by others for training diocesan priests (e.g., in the United States, Fiji, Nigeria, Poland, Byelorussia, France, Mozambique, the Philippines and many other countries). Likewise, they serve in universities that offer programs for priestly formation (e.g., at St. John's University in the United States, at Belo Horizonte in Brazil).

Robert P. Maloney "Status of the Congregation"


Excerpts from the Constitutions and Statutes

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