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VIE - Vincentian Integration Experience

Why the Vincentian Integration Experience (VIE)

The Vincentian Integration Experience has been created as a response to the need to enlarge the pool of Sisters prepared to communicate the Vincentian charism.

Overall Purpose

The overall purpose of the Experience is to provide the opportunity for participants to:

  • Deepen their knowledge of the Vincentian tradition, spirituality and Family, for their personal enrichment and to be able to communicate the charism and mission to others;
  • Integrate the learnings into their personal and communal spirituality;
  • Develop skills and materials needed to share the effects and ongoing gains of this experience within their individual ministries, the *Company and with members of the Vincentian Family to enhance the service of the persons who live in poverty.
  • Serve as active, contributing members of this learning-living community, modeling the values and spirit present in the Constitutions.
  • Benefit from the international composition of the group and appreciate more deeply the place of the Daughters of Charity in a globalized society;
  • Commit to engage in ongoing Vincentian learning and formation which will continue their growth and competency after the Experience is completed.

The Five Modules

Each of the five modules in the VIE will use the Overall Purpose stated above as its framework. Specific objectives for each module will reflect that module's focus and content.

During the Vincentian Integration Experience, the five (5) Modules and one extended series of workshops are planned to give breadth and depth to the Sisters' understanding of the charism and its development across the centuries within the unique challenges and graces of each period of history and into the present.

The Dates 2007

  • Module 1: The World and Persons of Vincent and Louise Oct. 1- Nov. 16
  • Module 2: Development of the Company's Identity and Constitutions Nov. 19-Jan. 11
  • Module 3: Fundamental Virtues, Vows, Call to be Servant Jan. 21-Feb. 29
  • Module 4: Holiness in the Vincentian Tradition and Mary's relationship with the Company Mar. 3- April 18
  • Module 5: Charism in Today's Globalized World: The Call and the Challenges of serving with a Vincentian Heart April 21-May 27

Online Resources

Since VIE is in many ways similar to the CIF program in Paris many of the resources found on CIF resources 2008 it might be well to scan the broader resources found there.

VIE Resources 2008 focuses more specifically on resources specific to the Daughters of Charity.

In a similar vein Internet in Parish Ministry provides links to perspectives on the use of the Internet in ministry as well as resources for specific ministries.