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VIE Module 4

This section can serve as a support for the representatives of the English speaking provinces involved in the Vincentian Integration Experience, especially Module 4. It will also allow others to catch a glimpse of the program.

Week 1: March 3-7 Holiness and the Process of Canonization


  1. To gain a perspective of the meaning of holiness and as expressed in the Vincentian tradition.
  2. To review the process of canonization and the political circumstances, focusing on the lives of St. Vincent de Paul and Bl. Frederic Ozanam.
  3. To gain a perspective of Bl. Rosalie Rendu, her spirituality and a collection of folklore. To explore resources available about the Saints and Beati within the Vincentian tradition.


Books ( often provides lengthy excerpts in addition to Table of Contents and Indices)


March 4

Overview of Module and Expectations “What is Holiness?” Sr. Sharon Richardt, DC Holiness in the Vincentian tradition across centuries

March 5

Historic overview of Community saints Fr. John Rybolt, CM Canonization process with emphasis on Bl. Frederic Ozanamand the Diorama at Depaul U. Professor Simone Zurawski

March 6

Accessing Resources: Using Vincentian Family Website Fr. John Freund,CM


Miscellaneous Examples of Vincentian Use of the Internet

March 7

Spirituality of Bl Rosalie Rendu and Folklore Stories. Sr. Fran Ryan DC

Week 2: Saints of the Vincentian Family: Founders and Foundresses


  • To study the lives of saints and beati recognized as Founders and Foundresses within the Vincentian Family.: St. Jeanne Antide Thoret, Bl Marc Antonio Durando, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.
  • To review the lives and canonization processes of St. Louise de Marillac and Bl. Rosalie Rendu.


  • Melville, Annabelle M. Elizabeth Bailey Seton, 1774-1821. New York: Jove Books, 1985.
  • Sullivan, Louise. Sister Rosalie Rendu: A Daughter of Charity on Fire with Love for the Poor. Chicago, IL: Vincentian Studies Institute, 2006.

Field Trip to St Louis to visit historic Vincentian sites Film: “A Time for Miracles”

March 10

St. Jeanne-Antide Thouret Sr. Mary Louise Ballistreri Marco Antonio Durando Fr. John Rybolt, CM

March 11

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Sr. Regina Bechtle, SC

March 12

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and the International development of the Sisters of Charity Sr. Regina Bechtle, SC

March 13

Bl. Rosalie Rendu Sr. Louise Sullivan, DC

March 14

St. Louise’s causes Sr. Louise Sullivan, DC

Week 3a: Vincentian Martyrs

Objectives: 1. To identify with the lives of the Vincentian martyrs of the French Revolution, of China and of Ethiopia while celebrating the events and mysteries of Holy Week. 2. To reflect on the martyrs’ virtues and on the political challenges they faced. 3. To study the missionary vocation as essential to the Vincentian vocation.

Bibliography: Vincentian Awareness Series, #5,7,11 Literature and Website Search on Vincentian Martyrs

March 17

Special Issue of VINCENTIANA on Martyrs

Martyrs of China and Ethiopia Fr. Bill Hartenbach, CM

March 18

CM Martyrs of French Revolution Fr. John Rybolt, CM DC Martyrs of French Revolution

Week 3b: Sanctity Evidenced by Special Favors and Legacies


1.To consider the lives of St. Catherine Laboure and Sr. Suzanne Guillemin as holy women especially favored at significant times in Vincentian history. 2.To study the messages and lessons they have bequeathed to us.


  • Laurentin, Rene. The Life of Catherine Laboure. London: Collins Liturgical Publications, 1982
  • McEnroy, Carmel. Guests in Their Own House: The Women of Vatican II. New York: A Crossroad Book, 1996.
  • Special Centenary of the Birth of Mother Guillemin. Echoes of the Company, (January-February, 2007), pp. 73-79.
  • Hermann, Sr. Claire. “Mother Suzanne Guillemin, Daughter of God, Daughter of the Church, Superioress *General: In the Service of the Company. Echoes of the Company, (January-February, 2007) pp. 147-160.
  • Conferences and Letters of Sr. Suzanne Guillemin, 2007.

March 25-26

Sr. Suzanne Guillemin, DC *Sr. Kieran Kneaves, DC

March 27

Catherine Laboure and the Miraculous Medal Sr. Brenda Matterson, DC

March 28

Catherine Laboure and the Miraculous Medal Sr. Brenda Matterson, DC

March 31

Challenges of Holiness Today Sr. Sharon Richardt, DC

Week 4: Mary in the Communion of Saints, Her Relationship to the Vincentian Family


  1. To appreciate and trace the Company’s relationship with Mary.
  2. To explore contemporary thinking about Mary and her role in the Church and the lives of believers.
  3. To identify and discuss the elements of good Marian theology.
  4. To follow the evolution of devotion to Mary across the ages as expressed in art.



  • Brown, R.E., K. P. Demfreid, J. A. Fitzmeyer. J. Reumann (eds.). Mary in the New Testament. New York: Paulist Press, 1978
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Gebora, Ivone and Bingeman, Maria Clara. Mary, Mother of God, Mother of the Poor. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis, 1987.

  • Johnson, Elizabeth, C.S.J. Truly Our Sister Friends of God and Prophets: A Feminist Reading of the Communion of Saints. Continuum, 1998.

Pope Paul VI. “Marialis Cultus”


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  • Quintano, Fernando. “Devotion of Our Lady of the Company” Echoes of the Company, (May, 2002), 183-199.
  • Prevost, Sr. Anne. “The Charity of Jesus Christ Crucified Impels Mary to Become Mother of the Church and Servant of the Whole Human Race” Echoes of the Company, January-February, 2007), 18-23.

Other Resources Association of the Miraculous Medal materials Vincentian Marian Youth- formation program

===April 1-2=== Mary Sr. Pat Connolly, DC

April 3

Mary in Art Sr. Maria Liebeck, DC

Resources Fundamental to the Study of All Five Modules


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  • The Documents of Vatican II and other relevant Church teachings.

Miscellaneous Resources

  • Cultural Catalysts Written from perspective of Catholic Health Care but applicable to Vincentian Culture

"Cultural citizens are those who live and process the culture, whereas cultural catalysts are those cultural citizens who lead and direct necessary cultural change and adaptation. Any effective culture relies on both citizens and catalysts."