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Changes made in 1995


Emeric Amyot d'Inville C.M.

Our wish is to use this change to increase the emphasis on Communication and Formation in the Congregation so as to reflect and make more powerful the activity of the confreres; a new Vincentian publication to help the new forms of Evangelisation to which the Church is calling us; a publication which gives a stimulus to an apostolic zeal and our actual and inventive love for the poor.

At a General Council Meeting in June 1994, approval was given for Vincentiana to be published in the 3 official languages of the Congregation - French, English and Spanish - starting with the first number of the year 1995. This allows us to reach (directly) almost 70% of all confreres.

Though we would have wished to increase the number of languages we found ourselves, much to our regret, up against many practical problems which seemed insurmountable, such as difficulties in regard to translation and cost of printing. In an effort to offset this difficulty, we have asked the Provincials concerned to let us know in which language they wish the publication to be sent to each of their houses. Besides, if an article appears in a language, other than the three mentioned above, we will send a copy as well as those sent to the countries speaking that particular language.

The other changes have to do with the content, which aims at being close to the life of the Congregation and a pabulum, spiritual and intellectual, calculated to be of more use to the members. We have already connmissioned several articles on many up-to-date matters - Vincentian spirituality, our history, personal documents detailing experiences of great interest. Even if, from time to time, there may be an edition of another calibre quite distinct from the norm, you will still find in each the following aspects:

Curia General - official report

Features - i.e. an important aspect of our life and mission, undertaken underdifferent headings and in a series of articles.

Studies -Articles on spirituality, history etc.

Life of the Congregation - Articles dealing with important events, declarations and, at the appropriate time, a page given over to some important member on his death.

Vincentiana is brought out by an Editorial Board, made up of Fathers Emeric Amyot d'Inville, Secretary Gerleral (Director), Ignacio de Mendoza, Vicar General and Thomas Davitt, Archivist of the Curia, who decides on the orientation of the publication, on the articles to be commissioned, on the publication of those sent directly to the Curia and to have them translated. Those are the confreres to whom you should send your articles and your suggestions. The texts are scanned on arrival and paginated by our devoted secretary, Sabrina, before printing.

Seeing as we do, that Vincentiana is an important instrument of communication and formation, we would hope that, apart from the subscriptions of the community houses, individual confreres would subscribe. The price (for 6 editions per year) is 250 francs, 35$ (American), 300 Pesetas or the equivalent in one's own currency, all to be settled with the appropriate Visitor, with whom the account will be settled with the Curia.

The Editing Committee wish to thank all who collaborate in the work, in particular authors of articles and translators who have already shown great generosity.

Vincentiana 1995