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Dr. Dan Borlick has written of Vincentian Spirituality... "Many claim it a truly apostolic spirituality of Charity, for it continues to challenge thousands to a special identification with the poor in their search to be identified with Jesus Christ as "evangelizer of the poor.""

He poses the following questions:

  • How does it relate to questions of justice?
  • Does it help one to effectively address the root causes of poverty?
  • How does it view the poor person? *
  • Does it enable one to work with and/or challenge those who contribute to poverty?
  • Or does a Vincentian spirituality content itself in treating the symptoms of the illness worldwide, rather than the disease itself?
  • Does Vincentian spirituality perhaps even romanticize the poor, or use the poor in such a way to "fulfill" its practitioners without really transforming them? How does Vincentian spirituality consider its own economically strong organizations such as have the Vincentians and the Daughters of Charity?
  • How can the relatively secure life of a middle-class professional, often seen as member of an elite class, in any way be truly changed or transformed through practice of such spirituality?
  • How does such a spirituality underlying works of charity or evangelization or education, personal or institutional, truly recognize and respond to the poor – where are they as agents in their own process of liberation and evangelization, their own story of salvation?
  • Where does the missionary’s personal experience of the poor enter in? and the poor’s experience of the missionary?
Vincentian Spirituality: A Spirituality of the Poor