Vincentian Sisters of Charity

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In 1902, at the request of a parish priest in Braddock, Pennsylvania (about nine miles east of Pittsburgh), five Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul (later to be called Vincentian Sisters of Charity) emigrated from Szatmar, Austria-Hungary. Their purpose was to work with the many Slovak emigrants who had moved to the area.

Today the Sisters minister in health care and education. The Sisters administer and staff Regency Hall Nursing Home and Adult Day Care, Villa de Marillac and the the Vincentian Home. Sisters also serve in other Pittsburgh-area health facilities, at hospitals in Arkansas, Missouri, New York, and Wisconsin and in a rural health program in Alabama.

As administrators and teachers, the Sisters serve in elementary and secondary parochial schools and in religious education programs in Alabama, Florida, Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Other endeavors in education relate to early childhood education, adult education, teaching at college level, and sponsorship of a Montessori School.