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1: Editing, 2: Formatting, 3: Vincentian Encyclopedia links, 4: External links, 5: Talk pages, 6: Keep in mind, 7: Registration, 8: Namespaces

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This tutorial is designed to give you a basic overview of how to get started on Vincentian Encyclopedia. Navigate through the tutorial either using the links provided at the top of each page, or the index table on the right. Alternatively you can use the continue link at the bottom of each page.

We encourage you to dive in and start editing straight away. If you make a mistake its no great problem. We have regular Vincentian Encyclopedia editors and administrators who will gladly fix any small mistakes you make in your learning process. Dive in and try some of the things you read about in this tutorial in the Sand box. What is the sandox? It's a special place where you can practice the wiki markup language and learn the ropes without fear of making mistakes.

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