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There are some things to keep in mind when editing Vincentian Encyclopedia.

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Vincentian Encyclopedia encourages an atmosphere of friendliness and openness. Of course, in practice there are sometimes disagreements which might on occasion become heated, but members of the community are expected to behave with civility and kindness.

The most important thing to keep in mind always to assume good faith on the part of other editors. Do not assume that someone is acting out of spite or malice. If someone does something that upsets you, please leave a polite message raising your concerns on the relevant article's discussion page or on the user's talk page. This can be a useful way of avoiding or clearing up misunderstanding and it also can save some embarrassment.


Do not submit copyrighted material without permission. The best articles are usually written from either personal knowledge, or through the synthesis of research from multiple sources. For a more detailed discussion of copyrights, see Vincentian Encyclopedia:Copyrights.

Renaming articles

If you find an article that you believe is mis-named, please do not cut and paste the contents of the old article into a new article. One problem with doing this is that it separates previous contributions from their edit history. We need to keep track of for copyright reasons. The preferred method is to move the page to the new name; move is in the tool bar immediately above the article. If it is your first move, please read carefully the warnings on the move page, because there are a number of issues to consider before moving a page.

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