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1664: John Bonnet is being born in Fontainebleau. In future he will be Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission. He completes his Christian education thanks to Fr Durand CM, pastor in Fontaineblau, who introduced him into religious life. He is admitted to the Congregation in the age of 17.

1748: In dated on this day Breve, pope Benedict XIV recommends our confrere Fr John Francis Cossart to Msgr Christopher de Beaumont, archbishop of Paris put him in charge of transportation of St. Victor, the martyr from Rome to Paris. His reliques will be placed in the church of l'Hôtel Royal des Invalides in which Vincentian priests work since 1675.

1774: Six Daughters of Charity l'Hôpital de Sablé from refuse to take oath on the civil Constitution. Thus, they are lead to prison and interned in Mans. They return on November 14, 1801.

1938: Fr Louis Gobaud dies in Tunis. He devoted his 60 years of priesthood to fromation of clergy in Montpelier, Albi, Saint Flour, Angoulême and finally in Carthage.

1944: Warsaw, Poland. Nine Vincentian priests and five brothers imprisoned on February 7 in Citadel jail by Nazis were transported to Gross Rosen Concentration Camp (presently in South-Western Poland, then in III Reich territory). 4 of them died there. The rest we forced to work in stone transportation in quarry and in yearn factory. In August the camp was evacuated to KL Bergen Behlsen in the heart of III Reich. They were liberated there on April 15, 1945.

1944: In Tientsin, China, dies brother Joseph Wan Tiggel. He was admitted into Congregation in the age of 27 in the seminary in Panningen. On February 2, 1904 he took his Vows. Then, on September 7, 1905 he arrived to Shanghai, where he worked for Apostolic Procurature until September 11, 1908 when he was transfered to Apostolic Procurature of Tientsin and worked there for 36 years till he died.