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1642: Conference of Vincent de Paul for priest of the Mission about teological virtues.

1652: Conference of Vincent de Paul in Saint Lazare about adequate way of passing through Holy Week.

1658: Conference of Vincent de Paul in Saint Lazare about spirit of penitence

1875: Daughters of Charity expelled from Mexico settle in Panama. Vincentian priests joined them in 1877.

1933: In the Retreat Chamber of Mother House in Paris in the presence of Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal John Verdier and numerous Daughters of Charity and Lazarists two physicians from Mother House and the house in Reuilly examine the corps of Catherine Labouré if it remained intact and her limbs flexible. Afterwards the heart of Sr. Catherine is extracted from her corps to be placed in the house of Reuilly where she lived and died. The rest of the corps was secured and put exhibited in the Council Chamber of Mother House awaiting ceremony of beatification.

1945: Seven Daughters of Charity from Province of Cologne die in bombardment in Hildeshein.

1953: Father Etienne Canitrot was buried in his hometown of Bedarieux. Born on September 17, 1872 he died on March 20, 1953. His parents wanted him to become a lawyer, but he choose the life of the Gospel for himself. While being a professor in Berceau he met Fr Crouzet talking about people of Madagascar and their needs. Soon, Fr Canitrot, and two other eloquent priests: Fr Benezet and Sevat left Berceau and headed for Madagascar. He was a pastor in Fort Dauphin for over twenty years. After death of his friend, Fr Crouzet he returned to France. Here, in 1945 his Visitor and Vicar General of the Congregation asked him to prepare a popular story of life of St. Vincent de Paul. This work was finished in 1948.