The Government of the Congregation after the French Revolution

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The years 1800 to 1827 mark one of the periods of the greatest complexity in the history of the Congregation. This situation arose after the death of Father Cayla, since it would have been impossible, because of the revolution and war, to hold a general assembly for the election of his successor. In his place, the Holy See saw to the appointment of vicars general. In the context of Italian-French antagonisms, the entire period took on a character of mutual rivalry and intrigue. This is its story.

Jean-Félix-Joseph Cayla de la Garde 1788-1800

François-Florentin Brunet 1800-1806

Claude-Joseph Placiard 1806-1807

Dominique-François Hanon 1807-1816

Schism among the Daughters of Charity

Marie-Charles-Emmanuel Verbert 1816-1819

Charles-Vincent de Paul Cathelin Boujard 1819-1831

Italian Governance of the Congregation

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