Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth

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Sister Mary Xavier Mehegan

Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth
Birth 1825
Death 1915

The Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, sometimes called the "New Jersey Sisters of Charity", are based in Convent Station, New Jersey USA.

The order began in 1859, when Sister Mary Xavier Mehegan was assigned by the Sisters of Charity of New York to head a community that James Roosevelt Bayley, first bishop of Newark, New Jersey and nephew of Elizabeth Bayley Seton, wanted to establish. Mother Xavier continued to head the community for 56 years, until her death on June 24, 1915. During those years, schools, health care facilities, orphanages, and a residence for working women were established. In 1899 the [[College of Saint Elizabeth], New Jersey's first baccalaureate-degree-granting college for women, was founded.

Today the Sisters minister in the United States in 15 states, the Virgin Islands, El Salvador, Haiti, and Mexico.

Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth