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International Secretariat Of Vincentian Studies (S.I.E.V.)


1.1 To respond to the Postulate voted by the General Assembly of 1980: “It is proposed that each Province or group of Provinces have its own organization for the promotion of basic studies and for making them known (St. Vincent, St. Louise, the history of the Companies, etc.). An organization on the international level will have as its goal the coordination of these efforts and the communication of their results,” the Superior General and his Council instituted an international organism called: International Secretariat of Vincentian Studies (S.I.E.V.)

1.2 The head office is established in Rome, at the General Curia, Via dei Capasso, 30.

2.1 SIEV has as its objective to animate, inform and promote everything regarding Vincentian studies. It is in contact with the provincial and interprovincial organisms of the Congregation of the Mission and with the entire Vincentian Family.

2.2. To realize this objective, SIEV: 2.2.1 assures information and communication through the CM publications; 2.2.2 takes stock of the existing Vincentian studies; 2.2.3 promotes new studies of all types; 2.2.4 provides concrete work tools for Vincentian formation; 2.2.5 invites specialists to meet in symposiums to put together the results of their research; 2.2.6 fosters the publication of a complete Vincentian bibliography; 2.2.7 awakens interest in arranging and utilizing provincial archives, with a view to the history of the provinces; 2.2.8 pursues historical studies on the Congregation and invites the provinces to publish their own annals; 2.2.9 proposes to the General Council the establishment of international months of Vincentian studies. ==



  • Nosotros queremos que la reunion del mes de septiembre sea la ocasion para recomenzar con diamismo el trabajo del equipo.
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It will be possible to do much preparatory work for meetings.

For example...

In preparation for a meeting in which the members would like to produce a document entitled "SIEV - Our Mission Today" a page could be created which anyone who is registered may use.

A click on the above link would take people to the page where "documentum laboris' could be posted for comment.. Then people could colaboratively edit this document.


This is the page that could be used by memebers of the team to collaborate in preparation for meetings.