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Regina Bechtle, SC, a New York Sister of Charity since 1962, is a spiritual director, retreat leader, writer, theologian and poet. She is known to many Sisters of Charity and Associates for her retreats and presentations on Elizabeth Seton, Vincent de Paul, Louise de Marillac, women's spirituality and other themes. Currently, she is co-editor of a 4-volume collection of Elizabeth Seton's writings and develops projects to deepen awareness of the Vincentian roots of Charity heritage. She holds a Ph.D. in theology from Fordham and a certificate from the Vincentian Formation Program for Spiritual Directors.

Current Research

Currently, as a member of the Seton Writings Committee of the Sisters of Charity Federation, I am researching correspondence to and about Elizabeth Seton. My colleagues in this research areJudith Metz, SC, Betty Ann McNeil, DC, Kathleen Flanagan, SC, and Vivien Linkhauer, SC. The collected, edited, and annotated material will eventually be produced in digital format.


Called and Chosen: Toward a Spirituality for Lay Leaders Edited by Zeni Fox and Regina Bechtle, SC

Elizabeth Bayley Seton: Collected Writings Volume I

Elizabeth Bayley Seton: Collected Writings Volume II

Elizabeth Bayley Seton: Collected Writings Vol. IIIa and IIIb

Other Writings

Harvesting Wisdom: Theological Abundance in St. Elizabeth Seton’s Story

The Impact of Women Religious on the Church in New York

(With Judith Metz, SC) "Elizabeth Bayley Seton Writings: Current State and Future Plans," Vincentian Heritage XXIX, 1 (2009): 24-33

An American Daughter: Elizabeth Seton

Charity Presence in Disasters

Seeds of Learning: Mother Seton's Legacy

Elizabeth Seton & the Light of Epiphany

Elizabeth Seton in Times of Darkness (pdf document posted on SCNY VISION Newsletter

"The Sisters of Charity Federation and the Vincentian Charism in North America," Vincentiana, Nov.-Dec. 2007: 428-440.

“Postcards from the Past: Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale, New York,” Vincentian Heritage 22, 1: 107-115.

“’In the Face of Adversity’:The Response of the Vincentian and Charity Families to 9/11,”Vincentian Heritage 21,2: 48-95

“The 1846 Separation of the New York Sisters: Conflict Over Mission or Clash of Wills?,” Vincentian Heritage 20, 1(1999): 63-79.

“Spirituality: Underneath It All” (summary paper on spirituality in the U.S. context, prepared for LCWR/CMSM presentation at 1999 InterAmerican Conference of Religious), LCWR Occasional Papers 28 (3, Fall 1999): 5-9; also excerpted as“Dying and Rising: A Spirituality for the Millennium,” CRC Bulletin 39, 4 (Winter 1999): 10-12.

(co-edited with Judith Metz, SC) “An Annotated List of the Writings of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton,” Vincentian Heritage 20, 1 (1999): 175-212; 19, 2 (1998): 367-404;19, 1 (1998): 177-215;18,2 (1997): 261-310; 18,1 (1997): 101-138.

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“Sacred Time: Religious and the New Millennium,” LCWR Occasional Papers 27 (3, Fall 1998): 5-8.



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In the Face of Adversity: The Response of the Vincentian and Charity Families to 9/11

The 1846 Separation of the New York Sisters: Conflict over Mission or Clash of Wills?

Toward Eternity: Elizabeth's Experience of Suffering and Hope

Postcards from the Past: Mount Saint Vincent

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An Annotated List of the Writings of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton COMPILED BY JUDITH METZ, S.C. AND REGINA BECHTLE, S.C.

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