Odile Baumgarten

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Odile Baumgarten, whose family name is sometimes printed in a Frenchified form as Baugard, was born in Gondrexange in Lorraine in 1750. She was the fourth child of a miller; the three children born before her all died in infancy. At the age of 24 she became a postulant for the Daughters of Charity in Metz, the main city in her native province of Lorraine. Her first appointment was to a hospital in Brest, but seven months after her arrival there the hospital was destroyed by fire. She was then transferred to St John’s Hospital in Angers. She was put in charge of the pharmacy.

More information on Odile Baumgarten and the circumstances surrounding her martydom are available here: Odile Baumgarten and Marie-Anne Vaillot