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MISEVI is an international association, canonically erected as a public association of the faithful, as an entirely autonomous juridical person, seeking to develop an organized presence of laity in missionary works ad gentes, especially within the missions of the Vincentian Family.

We can find its principal identifying characteristics in its documents, but also in the formation process and the little “struggles” with the process of expansion in which we find ourselves. To that effect, the following identifying characteristics are clear and well defined:

It is a lay association: by baptism we were chosen by God and invited to accept salvation. Each one of us has the opportunity to assess (cf., Lk 1:34-35) and choose this call from God who lives in us (1 Pt 1:23) in establishing an intimate communion with Christ so as to be filled with him and commit ourselves to the building of the Kingdom.

Its primary goal is to animate the “missionary” and to develop, by encouraging, supporting and coordinating, the presence and missionary work of the laity in the missions ad gentes.

It is united to the Vincentian Family, to its charism and its spirituality. At each moment it seeks contact and collaboration on the local as well as on the international level.

It is a “second” membership: the members of MISEVI continue to belong to their Vincentian associations of origin, and they are the ones who send them to the missions.

It has its own spirituality: centered on Jesus Christ, we make the choice of the mission among the poorest, beginning with insertion in the community and with a specific personal plan.




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