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Basic Information

  • Membership as of June 2009
Houses: 13
Bishops: In progress
Priests: 87
Deacons: 1
Brothers: 3
Students: 99


Provincial Office

Vincentian Provincialate
No.419, 2nd Main
C layout, Bannimantap
Mysore 570 015



1) Introduction The history of the Province begins from 1922 when the Spanish Missionaries first landed in India. It was raised into a Vice- Province in 1938 and erected a Province in 1970. 1997 witnessed the much grown province being bifurcated into two: the North Indian Province and the South Indian Province. In the able hands of Rev. Frs. Sebastian Thozhuthuparambil and Jose Aikara, the Province of South India has grown steadily in an integral way. This growth can be noticed in the number of personnel, institutions and ministries.

2) General statistics of the Province. Today the province has 85 confreres (82 priests and 3 lay brothers). It has 12 canonically erected houses and a total of 31 communities. (including Tanzania). The total number of the confreres at the time of Provincial Assembly, 2003 was 68 i.e., 65 Priests, 2 Lay Brothers and 1 Deacon. It also had 11 canonical houses and 28 communities. The table below gives a comparative statistics of the general position of the province at present and at the time of the previous assemblies.

1997 2000 2003 2007 Total Detail Total In Detail Total In Detail Total In Detail

Confreres 62 65 68 85 Priests 53 63 65 83 Brothers 02 02 02 03 Communities 15 22 28 31 Canonical Houses 06 10 11 12 Parishes 10 14 20 19 Formation Houses 03 05 07 5 Schools (English Medium) 03 03 06 6 Telugu Medium 01 02 01 01 Tamil Medium 01

Hostels 02 05 03 07 Retreat Center 01 01 Social Service centers 01 01

3) Apostolic ministries The main ministries that we do in our province are: 1) Evangelization, comprising of parish ministries, popular mission, retreat preaching etc. 2) Education comprising of English medium and vernacular medium schools and hostels, 3) Social services, 4) Formation of Clergy mainly that of our own formation, 5) Animation and Promotion of Vincentian Family, 6) Mission Ad Gentes or Foreign missions.

3.1. Evangelization

Province has about 31 mission stations spread out in 7 southern states of India. Some of them are parishes entrusted to the care of us and some are our own mission centers. The province also gives a lot importance to popular missions and other retreat programs. Many of our confreres are also involved in spiritual direction of priests, religious and laity through retreats, seminars, conferences and workshops.

3.2. Education The Province is making good progress in the service of education. Around 18 of our confreres are working in the field of education. There is no doubt that education ministry is one of the important services we can render to the society, It is a means of evangelization for we have access to opening up their hearts to Gospel values through instruction and life-witness. We have both English medium schools and local medium schools. Though we look for some income from the English medium schools, the Local medium schools and hostels are precisely to facilitate the educational need of our poor. Besides, in our English medium schools we are also attempting to give quality education to some number of poor students.

The existing Educational Institutions

01 De Paul School, Ukkunagaram English Medium 02 De Paul School, Kethapally English Medium 03 De Paul School, Yerupalem Telugu 04 St. Vincent’s School, Chennai English Medium 05 DPIRS, Mysore English Medium 06 St.Vincent’s School,Keralapuram English Medium 07 St. Britto School, Kallal Tamil Medium 08 St. Paul’s School, Rajasthan English Medium

3.3. Social Service

OASIS, the social service centre of the south Indian province, headed by Fr. Sebastian Anthikad, takes up various social and developmental programs. Running Tailoring centers (Velpur parish), Health programs in different villages, Assisting the people to construct houses, Giving uniforms and note books to the poor students of our hostels in Andhra etc. are some of the important works done thorough the social service center. OASIS has launched a new programme of identifying HIV/AIDS patients and providing medical help to them. He being the social work coordinator is visiting different stations and helping the confreres to write projects find funds.

The help given to the poor children through the Francis Regis Clet foundation has become a real help to poor students in many of our parishes.

OASIS also has succeeded to extends immediate help to the people affected by different natural calamities. It has been really successful in rehabilitating about 200 hundred families in the recent past. It also has come up with various other assistance to improve the life situations of those affected by the natural calamities like Tsunami and Earth quake.

3.4. Formation South Inidan Province has been really blessed with a good number of vocations. We have around 90 major seminarians, 12 novices and 26 minor seminarians doing +2at De Paul International Residential School and 20 doing minor seminary at De Paul Seminary Belwadi. We also have a good number of vocations in the Tanzania mission and the mission is growing steadily.

Students in Different Stages of Formation

01 DPS Belwadi 20 02 DPIRS 26 03 Novices 12 04 Aquinas 40 05 Aluva 14 06 Pune 08 07 Regents 09 08 Tanzania 20 Total 129

3.5. Vincentian Family Besides giving service to the daughters of charity, our confreres are involved in spiritual direction, and promotion of other Vincentian Family units such SSVP, Miraculous medal Association and JMV (Vincentian Marian Youth).

Miraculous Medal Association Spread of Marian Devotion and of Miraculous Medal has become an important ministry in the province today. Rev. Fr. George Machukuzhy, with other coordinators, is doing a wonderful work in propagating Marian devotion and the importance of Miraculous Medal. Through its seminars, exhibitions, animation programs etc., it has become much famous in the Northern dioceses of Kerala.

3.6. Mission Ad Gentes /Confreres Abroad As part of inter-provincial collaboration and as Mission Ad Gentes we have taken up several ministries outside the province and country. We have around 24 confreres working and studying outside the country. Four of our confreres are assisting the diocese of Munster in parish ministry. We have one confrere working in the States and one in London. We have also six confreres doing their studies abroad, three in Rome and two in America and one in Spain. We have also 10 confreres working in Tanzania Mission doing various ministries.

Place Mission study Germany 6 Rome 3 London 1 America 1 2 Tanzania 10 Spain 1


Google Maps is not able to determine the exact locations of the houses. The areas marked on the map are general areas of where the houses should be. <googlemap version="0.9" lat="13.531429" lon="77.703243" zoom="6"> </googlemap>



  • De Paul School
Avverahalli, Belagola
Srirangapatna Taluk 571 606
Mandya Dt.
  • St. Mary's Church
Kothannur 571 440
Chamarajanagar Dt.
Tel: (08224)25-13-12


  • St. Vincent's Mission House
U.C. College P.O.
Aluva 683 102
Ernakulam Dt.


  • De Paul Seminary Belwadi
Nagoonahalli 571 438
Mandiya Dt.
  • Priest's Home and Retreat
Seminar Center Belwadi
Nagoonahalli 571 438
Mandiya Dt.


  • Vincentian Fathers
Pattaram - Iritty
Catholic Church Poovam
Kanjiramgad 670 142
Kannur Dt.
  • St. Vincent's Bhavan
Chapparapadave via
Thimiri 670 581
Kannur Dt.


  • Queen of the Mission Church
Kallal 630 305
Sivagangai Dt.
  • Our Lady of Good Health Church
Pothapatty P.O.
Elangakuruchy via 621 302
Manaparai (TK)
Trichy Dt.
Tamil Nadu


  • Vincentian Nilayam
Kannapuram 534 311
West Godavary Dt.
Andhra Pradesh
  • C.M. College
Vijayarai 534 475
Eluru, West Godavari Dt.
Andhra Pradesh
  • St. Joseph's Church
Irusumanda 533 239
East Ghodavary Dt.
Andhra Pradesh


  • Vincentian Fathers - Keralapuram
Perumpuzha 691 504
Quilon Dt.
  • Immaculate Conception Church
Irinjayam 695 561
  • St. Joseph's Church
Pothenkode via
Koithurkonam 695 584
Thiruvanandapuram Dt.
  • St. Josephs Church
Santipuram, Kidarakuzhy P.O.
Thiruvanandapuram Dt.
Kerala 695 523
  • St. Rita's Church
Nanthirikkal, Vellimon P.O.
Kollam Dt.
Kerala 691 511


  • Ascension Church
9, Railway Colony, IV Street
Aminjikarai 600 029
Madras (Chennai)
  • St. Joseph's Church Molasur
Sunguvarchatram 602 106
Kancheepuram Dt.
Tamil Nadu
  • St. Vincent's Seminary
Dharcas P.O. Chrompet
Chennai 600 044


  • Vincentian Vidya Sadan
Vrindavan Nagar
Pune 411 014
  • St. Paul's School
Chittorgarh Dt. 312 601


  • de Paul School
Sector VIII
Ukkunagaram 530 032
Andhra Pradesh
  • Vincentian Nivas
Kanchili 532 290
Srikakulam Dt.
Andhra Pradesh


  • St. Vincent's Church
Yerrupalem 507 201
Khammam Dt.
Andhra Pradesh
  • De Paul School
P.O. Nakrekal via
Nalgonda Dt.
Andhra Pradesh
  • St. Vincent's Church
Nidamanuru via
Velpur 521 104
Krishna Dt.
Andhra Pradesh

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