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Thanks to the work of work of Rev. Rafael Villarroya, C.M. which Fr. Mitxtel Olabuegna, C.M. edited posthumously and Fr. Charles T. Plock CM who translated and provided the references to English langauge works (a time consuming work) we have here a reconstruction of events in the life of Vincent and Louise as well as excerpts from their letters during these years. (For further details see the Introduction to this work in Spanish.)

Chronological Dictionary of Vincentian History: 1580-1660

by Rev. Rafael Villarroya, C.M. Edited by Rev. Mitxel Olabuenaga, C.M. Translated by Rev. Charles T. Plock, C.M.

Introductory Note:

Father Rafael Villarroya, a missionary and the Provincial of Zaragosa, died without publishing any of his manuscripts. Those who knew him were very aware of his love for teaching and research. Books, articles, places, photographs.... anything related to Saint Vincent, he Ahoarded@ (a very appropriate use of the word). When he was missioned to Pamplona, and later to Zaragosa, I had the opportunity to help him Aput a little order@ into his abundant material. Part of his work was destroyed in an accidental fire; other parts of his work, only God knows where they are!

Among his many works, I took charge of preparing the materials he titled: Chronological Dictionary of Vincentian History: 1580-1660. A first volume dealt with the history of France. This second volume details the life and work of Vincent de Paul. So this second volume, after editing some of the supporting notes, is now offered to the public.

The Prologue, which he himself wrote, reveals the talent of this man, this missionary, this educator.


This material can be copied, photocopied, totally or partially reproduced. There is no need to cite the author when making reference to this work. It is prohibited, however, to use this work for economic gain, unless of course one is a poor person C for this work belongs to those who are poor.

Concerning the Footnotes:

When referring to the English edition of the Correspondence, Conferences, Documents, this work will be cited with the abbreviation CCC followed by the volume number and the page.

When referring to the Spanish edition of the Obras Completas de San Vicente de Paul this work will be cited with the abbreviation OC followed by the volume and the page. In most instances when I cite this work it is because some kind of a problem has arisen in the translation.

References to the Conferences to the Daughters of Charity will include the theme of the conference, and the date, followed by the page number. I am aware that many confreres and houses have the four-volume edition of these conferences. I have used, however, the one volume edition, and so the page references are based on this single volume, which was translated from the French by Joseph Leonard, and published by Collins Liturgical Publications in 1979. This was simply a decision of convenience C it is much easier to work with one volume than four.

References to the Conferences to the missionaries will also include the theme, the date, and the page number. Here all citations refer to the single volume work that was translated by Joseph Leonard and published in 1963 by the Eastern Province of the Vincentian Community in the United States. This volume is in common use by the houses and confreres.

References to the writings of St. Louise will be cited with the initials ASWLM@, Spiritual Writings of Louise de Marillac edited and translated from the French by Sr. Louise Sullivan, D.C. and published by New City Press in 1991. The abbreviation ASWLM@ will then be followed by a reference to the page number.

Wherever possible, references to Abelly and Coste have been cross-referenced to the English edition.

There are many works that are referenced that I do not have access to. In those cases I simply note the citation as it appears in the Spanish text and usually there will be a translator=s note.

As difficulties and problems arise, I will attempt to explain the situation with a note.

Finally I have attempted to make this work useful to the English-speaking world by inserting references to an English text wherever possible. I am sure that this has not been done perfectly and as the translator, I take responsibility for those imperfections.

Charles T. Plock, C.M.


(Note: There is another page based on Jose Maria Roman's work, which correlates these chapters with events taking place in France at the time. Comparative Chronology of Vincent's Life

  • Introductory Notes (English)
  • Chapter 1 Birth and Youth of Vincent de Paul - 1580-93
  • Chapter 2 Vincent as Student - 1594-99
  • Chapter 3 Begins to Act on His Plan; Ordained a Priest- 1600-1610
  • Chapter 4 Begins to Understand the Plan of God: Postulancy 1611-1617
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6 Vincent and the Congregation - 1624-1629
  • Chapter 7 Vincent and the Congregation - 1630-1634
  • Chapter 8 Vincent and the Congregation - 1635-1639
  • Chapter 9 Vincent and the Congregation - 1640-1644
  • Chapter 10 Vincent and the Congregation - 1645-1649
  • Chapter 11 Vincent and the Congregation - 1650-1654
  • Chapter 12 Vincent and the Congregation - 1655-1657
  • Chapter 13 The Final Years - 1658 - 1660
  • Chapter 14 Appendix I - Conferences to the Daughters of Charity 1634-1653
  • Chapter 15 Appendix II - Conferences to the Daughters of Charity 1654-1660
  • Chapter 15 Appendix II - Conferences to the Missioners - 1632-1658