Article 78

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§ 1. The time of formation, as well as our whole life, should be so ordered that the charity of Christ urges us more and more to attain the pur¬pose of the Congregation. As disciples of the Lord, members will attain this purpose by self-denial and by continual conversion to Christ.

§ 2. Members should be trained in the word of God, sacramental life, prayer both communal and personal, and Vincentian spirituality.

§ 3. Moreover, in order to achieve the necessary knowledge, students should properly complete those studies which are prescribed by the law of the Church.

§ 4. From the beginning, all should be trained, at suitable times, each according to his level of for¬mation and ability, in pastoral practice, especially in association with their moderators, including going to the poor and experiencing their condition. In this way, each will be better able to discover his own specific vocation within the Community in accord with his own personal talents.

§ 5. Pedagogical norms should be applied ac¬cording to the age of the students in such a way that, while gradually learning self-discipline, they become accustomed to using freedom wisely and to working with initiative and diligence, thus reaching Christian maturity.

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