Article 45

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45.--We should cultivate liturgical prayer in a way which is both alive and authentic.

§ 1.--Our life should be directed towards the daily celebration of the Lord's Supper as towards its summit, for from the Eucharist, as from a living source, flows the power of our apostolic activity and fraternal communion. Through the Eucharist, the death and resurrection of Christ are made present, we become in Christ a living offering, and the communion of the People of God is signified and brought about.
§ 2.--We should frequently approach the sacrament of penance so that we might achieve continuing conversion and authenticity of vocation.
§ 3.--In celebrating the liturgy of the hours, we unite our hearts and voices to sing the praises of the Lord, raise our prayer continually in his sight, and intercede for people everywhere. For this reason we celebrate morning and evening prayer in common, unless excused by reason of the apostolate.

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