Article 25

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25.--The Community is continually responsible for its own development, especially as we renew the principal elements of our way of living and acting. These are:

1 following Christ the Evangelizer as a community, which generates in us special bonds of love and affection; in this spirit we should, "like good friends," (CR, VIII, 2) join reverence for one another with genuine esteem;
2 the evangelization of the poor, which gives to all our work a unity that does not stifle diverse talents and gifts but directs them to the service of the mission;
3 prayer, above all in the Eucharist, which becomes the source of our spiritual, community, and apostolic life;
4 holding our goods in common, after the mind of St. Vincent, and sharing them willingly.

In this way our life becomes truly a community of friendship, work, prayer, and goods.

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