2006 Systemic Change Award - Slovenia

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Province of Slovenia:

Systemic Change Award -2006 - Slovenia:The purpose of the project is to give the young women the possibility of going beyond the dysfunctional relationships in their families and begin living a free and responsible life.

In May 2005, a new community was formed, caused by the necessity of circumstances. It gives young women the possibility of leaving their dysfunctional families to begin living a worthy life.

This community cropped up without foreseeing it; that is, without any special planning. But we see it as a new way of responding to the difficult situations of the present time. This work is an extension of the spiritual and therapeutic accompaniment carried out by Vincentian Father Dr. Peter _akelj, as well as his efforts to work with youth.

Those in the community are all young women over 18 years of age. They come from families where there was very difficult physical and psychic abuse (alcoholism, sexual violence, emotional negligence and low employment).

For these young women, the community represents a new home, a new beginning, where they can have lively relationships which orient them toward freedom.