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Vicente Bokalic Iglic was born in Buenos Aires on Jne 11, 1952 in the immigrant family from Slovenia who came to Argentina in 1949. He was brought up in Lanus, province of Buenos Aires. He received promary education in the parrochial school of St. Joseph de Pompeo in Lanus. And the secondary education in Apostolic School in Escobar. He entered the Congregation of the Mission on March 1, 1970 in the Vincentian Seminary in San Miguel, province of Buenos Aires. He studied Philosophy in Jesuit Colegio Máximo San José in San Miguel and Theology in the Faculty of Theology of Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina “Santa María de los Buenos Aires” in Villa Devoto, a district of federal capital. Incorporated to the Congregation of the Mission on June 5, 1976. On April 1. 1978 he was ordained priest by Msgr. Alfredo Mario Espósito-Castro CMF, bishop of Zerate-Campana.

After ordination he was involved in the vocational and youth ministries of the Congregation in Escobar and Buenos Aires. Since 1981 additionally was vicar in Miraculous Medal Shrine. Director of the Vincentian Seminary in San Miguel from 1983 to 1986 and econome afterwards. In 1987 appointed Superior of formation house hold the position till 1990. 1991 - 1993 pastor of Miraculous Medal Shrine. In 1994 sent as missionary to the prelate of Dean Funes in the province of Cordoba. In 1997 back as Superior in San Miguel. In 2000 started missionary and parochial ministry in diocese of Goya-Cerrientes. He stayed there until being elected Visitor of Province of Argentina on December 19, 2003. In this period he was Provincial Councilor twice: 1987 to 1993 and again 1997 to 2003. Fr. Vicente hold the office of Provincial to December 1, 2009. Fr. Juan Carlos Gatti CM replaced him as Visitor. He himself returned to Miraculous Medal Shrine as vicar. As Visitor, for couple of years he prepared and lead all of 150th Anniversary of Vincentian presence in Argentina celebrations.

Congregation of the Mission reached Argentina on September 14, 1859 as one of the first religious congregations arriving in Argentina after 1853 National Constitution. Autonomous province of the Congregation was erected in 1873. Until recently Vincentians cared of National Sanctuary in Lujan. The basilica was built thanks to Fr. Jorge Maria Salvaire CM initiative.

On March 15, 2010 His Holiness Benedict XVI has nominated Fr. Bokalic auxiliary bishop of Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, Argentina and titular bishop of Summa