Sisters of Charity of New York

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Mother Elizabeth Boyle

Sisters of Charity of New York
Birth 1788
Death 1861


Our congregation's traditional ministries have been in education, healthcare and child care. As we examine and respond to current local and world events, however, our vowed members and associates have expanded their ministries in order to respond to new needs. We now serve in parish ministries; offer spiritual direction and retreat opportunities; operate and serve in homeless, new immigrant and women's centers; are active in ecological concerns and sponsor a number of affordable housing facilities for those in need.



1846 The Sisters of Charity of New York are formally established as a congregation. Elizabeth Boyle is elected the First Mother.

1849 Sister Mary Angela Hughes opens St. Vincent's Hospital.

1859 Sisters move the Mother House at McGown's Pass from what is now Central Park to present location in Riverdale, NY.

1869 Sister Mary Irene Fitzgibbon opens the New York Foundling Hospital.

1889 First Sisters of Charity mission established outside the U.S. begins in Nassau, Bahamas. Sisters sailed on the S.S. Santiago on October 24, 1889

1910 New York State grants a charter for the College of Mount St. Vincent, which evolved from the Academy of Mount St. Vincent's fifth-year program established by the sisters.

1947 Beginning of the Federation of the Sisters of Charity in the Vincentian tradition.

1958 The Congregation opens the Convent of Mary the Queen in Yonkers as a residence For the Senior Sisters. It is called "The House That Love Built."

1965 Sisters of Charity join the Harlem March for justice and equality.

1971 Congregation opens first mission in Central America in Santa Lucia Utatlan, Guatemala to serve the Mayan Indians.

1975 Elizabeth Seton canonized. She becomes the first American-born saint. Sisters establish the Associate Relationship Program.

1986 Sisters open Fox House, which provides temporary housing, education and social services for homeless women and their children.

1995 Congregation's Assembly adopts Vision 2000, which emphasizes focus on women's issues, global awareness and the poor.

1995 Sisters establish Casa de Esperanza and Elizabeth Ann Seton Women's Center.

1998 Sisters establish Sisters Hill Farm.

2001 Sr. Barbara Ford is killed in Guatemala. She is revered as a martyr by the Guatemalan people.

2004 Sisters establish Seton Village, Nanuet, a residence for Senior Citizens.



by responding to the signs of the times in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton,

by revealing the Father’s love in our lives and in our varied ministries with and for all in need, especially the poor.





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