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Typhoon “FRANK” [June 21,2008] really devastated the city of Iloilo, leaving many people dead and many more people homeless. This even made poor people poorer.

De Paul College was started by the Vincentian Fathers and Brothers since the year 1960 in order to help the poor people of Iloilo learns skills so that they can help themselves.

Many graduates from this school have managed to go on with their lives because of their education from this school. But typhoon “Frank” for the first time left the school inundated with water and then when the water subsided offices and classrooms were left with thick mud. We have to suspend classes for two weeks so that we can first clean the campus from this thick mud. Many equipments, desk, filing cabinets, tables and chairs were also destroyed by the flush flood brought by typhoon “Frank”. You can very well see this in the video which you can see in the internet.

We turn at this moment to generous hearts, who can donate any amount of money so that we can continue to help poor and deserving students to develop their skills and with them establish their rightful place in society. Please, send any donation to the following:

Account Name: DE PAUL COLLEGE Bank: BANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS, branch ILOILO-JARO Account Number: 1331-0029-72

Fr. Francisco M. Vargas, C.M. Rector

Click below to see the video: