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Claudio Manuel Ojeda y Perez was born on June 9, 1946 in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. He studied in Las Palmas, then philosophy in Hortaleza (Madrid) and in Zaragoza and theology in Salamanca. He earned a Licentiate in Theology. On 21 September 21, 1967 he joined Congregation of the Mission in the Province of Salamanca. On December 8, 1976 he took his vows, ordained a deacon on June 24, 1977 at Santa Marta de Tormes, Salamanca, Spain. On January 1, 1978 ordained a priest in Las Palmas and afterwards was involved in ministries in various houses of the province.

After the General Assembly of 1998, with the permission of the Visitor of his home Province, he joined the Province of Paris - Region of Cameroon. In September 1998, he started work in the St. Vincent de Paul Seminary, and next in the parish of Nsimalen. Last months he spent in the regional house in Douala. His strength, his dynamism, his consistency, and his determination to work against difficulties certainly helped the young Region of Cameroon plant the foundations which are expected to be consolidated now. Fr. Claudio did well in his financial services as Regional Treasurer and accompanied numerous development projects to high standards for the Congregation, the Vincentian Family, and for numerous other religious congregations. He was well known in Yaounde and in Douala. Those who were with him in Cameroon can tell many anecdotes about the iron workers and even about the port at Douala when he worked to send off a container...

He was deeply engaged in investments in the parishes of St. Augustine on the Sonel Plateau, Sts. Peter and Paul in Nsimalen,and involved in the construction of St. Vincent de Paul School, the establishment of Nkol-Afeme Center of Information and the carpenter shop which welcomed apprentices. He supported confreres of Cameroon in their different projects and represented them to their partners in Spain and elsewhere. Some days ago, the Regional Superior presented to the Provincial Council plans to acquire land for the construction of a Regional House near Douala. His presence among Daughters of Charity of Equatorial Guinea must be mention as well. In the first months of 2008 a project for planting the Congregation there was being clarified.

Claudio Ojeda y Perez was killed in the catastrophe of Spanair JK 5022 flight from Madrid to Canary Islands on the Baracas airport on August 20, 2008. He was on trip to Canaries to rejoin his family and undertake final medical tests before going back to the Mission in Cameroon. His body was identified by the family on August 23. Then his body was moved to Canary Islands where funeral and burial took place on August 24, 2008. The visitor of province of Salamanca, Fr.Eblerino Diez Llamazares and Fr. David Fernández, Provincial Councillor, accompanied his family on the last way of Father Claudio

  • the text is based upon a memorial letter of August 21, 2008 addressed by Very Rev. Ellie Delplace CM, Visitor of Province of Paris and Region of Cameroon, to all confreres.