CHAPTER II Community life

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CHAPTER II. Community life (C. 19-27)

S.13.--Our sick and aging confreres, united in a special way with the suffering Christ, cooperate with the rest of us in evangelizing the world. We should try to take care of them in the house which enjoyed the benefit of their labors. The provincial, however, having weighed all the circumstances, should provide whatever is best for them.

S.14.--'1.--Confreres who are obliged to live alone in works entrusted to them by the Congrega-tion, should take care to spend some time with other confreres, so that they might experience the benefits of community. We, however, should remain close to them to ease their loneliness, and we should invite them with solicitude to share our fraternal and apostolic life from time to time.

'2.--We should strive with brotherly and timely concern to help confreres who are struggling with problems.

S.15.--'1.--We should faithfully fulfill our responsibilities to our parents, observing the balance necessary to fulfill our mission and to preserve community life. '2.--We should try to receive confreres, priests, and other guests in our houses with hospitality. '3.--We should be liberal to those in need who ask our help by seeking to alleviate their difficulties. '4.--We should willingly extend our friendship to all those associated with us in life and work.