Article 24

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24.--We try to live our community life animated by love, particularly with the practice of "the five virtues," so that it will be a support to our apostolate and a sign to the world of the newness of evangelical life. Therefore:

1 we should strive to live in harmony to fulfill our mission, by supporting one another especially in difficulties, and by sharing our joy in simplicity of heart;
2 we should become co-responsible, helped by the necessary services of authority and together with the superior, in seeking the will of God in our life and works, thus engaging in active obedience. Moreover, we should foster mutual dialogue, and in this way overcome an excessively individualistic style of living;
3 we should pay close attention to the opinions and needs of each confrere humbly and fraternally, thereby working to overcome the difficulties involved in community life; we should use fraternal correction gently, and achieve reconciliation with one another;
4 with due care, we should try to create the conditions necessary for work, rest, prayer, and talking together, making prudent and moderate use of communication media. And having provided for the needs of our apostolate, we shall preserve some part of our house for community privacy.

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