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What is the AIC

AIC Logo
  • An international non-governmental organisation (NGO)
  • An association which is composed mainly of women and organised on a world level, with more than 250,000 volunteers in more than 6,000 local teams in 50 countries
  • Founded by St. Vincent de Paul in 1617
to fight all forms of poverty and injustice
to give women an active role in society, recognised in a spirit of mutual support
  • Established throughout the world in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the USA
  • It harnesses people’s energy and enthusiasm and develops social co-responsibility around an innovative project, firmly fixed in local reality, making disadvantaged people and those excluded from society partners in their own social reintegration.

Where is the AIC?

The AIC is an international organization. More information about the AIC and where they serve is available at AIC International.


  • CUBA : « Return to basics »
  • MOZAMBIQUE-CHOWKE : Chicken farm
  • CAMEROON - BAFOUSSAM : Pimes – women training project : soya growing
  • CAMEROON - MATTA : Health center Project– « Case de Santé »
  • COLOMBIA - MOCOA : Creation of a mixed farming and breeding farm on the land of the old people’s home
  • CAMEROON (West) - KOUTABA:«Single mothers take care of themselves»
  • PERU - SAN FERNANDO : Sewing workshop for women from « la Selva »
  • UKRAINE - KHARKIV : Social rehabilitation and training center for children and young people.
  • VIETNAM –DALAT : Deaf and Mute Children Aid


The representatives of AIC within large international organisations have a very important role because they

  • Bring to organisations the evidence of associations which are working on a daily basis with disadvantaged people
  • Contribute to a worldwide reflection on the questions which preoccupy our society by bringing to it their grass roots experience
  • Pass on to AIC the thinking of international organisations to direct its action and contribute to change in society

The themes to which AIC representatives contribute are: the elderly, childhood, violence against women, social cohesion, bioethics, development, volunteers. The breadth of field of representation is very broad:

  • As an NGO with: ECOSOC, UNESCO, the Council of Europe, EAPN (the European Anti Poverty Network – a network of associations fighting poverty and social exclusion)
  • As a CIO (Catholic International Organisation) with different pontifical councils and groups of Catholic organisations: (CICO – Conference of International Catholic Organisations, CGIC, the International Catholic Centre for UNESCO, the Latin-American Episcopal Council, Cor Unum and CCPL, amongst others

Finally AIC collaborates closely with the other branches of the Vincentian Family

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