Seton Institute

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Seton Institute was founded by Daughter of Charity Sister Teresa Piro in 1985. Its purpose is to support healthcare related projects of Catholic Sisters working in developing countries. The Institute raises funds in the United States and distributes these funds in grants based on written proposals.

As of 2007, the Institute had awarded $11 million in grants, sent medical supplies valued at $30 million and provided training to more than 2,500 Sisters working in poor communities of Africa, Asia and Latin America. The Institute does not fund projects in the United States.

Some projects supported by the Instute in 2006:

  • Maternal and newborn health program, Nigeria. Safe Passage Plus trained approximately 300 community educators and 300 maternal care providers.
  • Philippine mudslide disaster relief.
  • Pakistan earthquake relief.
  • Mobile Health Clinic, Haiti.
  • Community water supply project, Kenya. Project to construct twelve wells that will provide safe and clean drinking water to the residents of Chepnyal Parish, a very remote and mountainous area of Kenya.
  • Clean water projects, Panama. Projects to alleviate the potable water shortage and high occurence of water-borne disease in four rural communities.

Seton institute is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation. All donations to the Institute are distributed directly to support of the work of the Sisters. Administrative costs are underwritten by the Seton Institute Board of Directors and their respective organizations.

  • [1] Seton Institute Web site