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Jose Maria Roman, CM

St VINCENT DE PAUL A BIOGRAPHY José María Román C.M. (translated by Sr Joyce Howard D.C.)

In this biography Father Román views the life of Vincent de Paul from the inside. He sees it as the fulfillment or otherwise of a personal vocation. He refers each fragment of the historical reality that was Vincent to the whole, never isolating individual facts from their setting in his life and in the events of his times. This work, translated from the original Spanish, is the most important biography of St Vincent to be published in English in recent years.

José María Román, Spanish Vincentian priest and historian, has given a lifetime to research in Vincentian studies. At pesent he is archivist of the Madrid Province of the Vincentians.

Joyce Howard is a Daughter of Charity of St Vincent de Paul with long experience as a translator in the service of her international community.

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