2006 Systemic Change Award - Peru

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Province of Peru (No website available):

Purpose of the project: a better quality of life for the 200 families through the areas of health, education, nutrition, recreation, ecology, and religion.

Brief history of the project:

It refers to the formation of the Progressive Housing Development of Social Interest “El Huarango – Tierra Prometida (El Huarango – Promised Land),” considered of extreme poverty and situated in a desert area of the Province and Department of Ica, Peru.

There are approximately 200 families coming from the resettlement of a sector of the population affected by the flooding of the Ica River in 1998 and who were totally helpless.

The accompaniment offered by the Daughters of Charity and the Vincentian confreres of the Congregation of the Mission from the beginning of the formation of this village aroused hope in the middle of the desert.

Community evangelization is promoted and encouraged through the central committee, the mothers’ club and the local meetings, using a methodology of participative work, which responds to basic necessities.

Specific objectives:

  1. Drilling a tubular well for the water supply;
  2. Planting of trees in the streets of the village;
  3. Lectures on preventive health care.